• What is the minimum age to purchase an Espirá vape?

    The legal smoking age in your country/state

  • How to vape?

    Slowly draw the vape into your mouth for a few seconds. Open mouth and breathe in the vapour then exhale.

  • How long does the vape last?

    Depends how often you use it, we recommend one per week. There’s up to 600 puffs available.

  • How do you know when the vape is empty?

    When you cannot puff out smoke. The Espirá is empty

  • How to authenticate my Espirá vape?

    To ensure that you have an authentic Espirá, buy directly from our website or use our store locator to find authentic Espirá Vapes sold near you.

  • Why do Espirá vapes look different from other disposable vapes?

    As our product was designed with you in mind. Stylish